Monday, February 11, 2013

The print that became a cake...

I have a wonderful friend, who is an amazing artist.  Wonderful print maker & just fantastically gifted.  Her prints are quirky, fun, humorous and very individual and different, I love them.

Check her out for yourself at:

 ... it's her birthday this week and over the weekend she was having an open house party which I was invited to.  Bring a bottle she said - shall I bring cake I asked?  I decided that I would as it was her birthday coming up and then had a little 'light bulb' moment!

One of the prints of hers that I love is this:

To me, it's so calm and serene and just beautiful & if she hadn't sold the two editions I would have loved to own one!

So I took this wonderful print & turned it into my own variation of a piece of art ... cake art!!

Needless to say she recognised it as 'her own' and we promptly ate it admiring both our skills all the way!

Happy Birthday Sarah! x

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