Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chocolate cookies with dulce de leche

Maybe you haven't noticed I have a new blog?! Well I do! Over here.
It's written in Swedish though but you can still look at the pretty pictures if you'd like. Anyway, you can find me there more often than here. I will be blogging there pretty much everyday actually! So there are definitely going to be some changes around here, but don't worry, Call me cupcake is still very much alive and well. From now on all recipes will be in English only. So now you know.

I adapted this recipe from the blog Top with cinnamon. Izy who runs that blog is 16 years old. SIXTEEN, people! It's almost illegal to be that talented when you're that young.
Anyway, these cookies are amazing. Christian took one bite and burst out "These are the best cookies EVER!".

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