Monday, February 11, 2013

Dolly Brights for Donna x

This weekend is a friends 40th birthday party.  The theme is fancy dress (anything or anyone beginning with the letter D) and BRIGHTS!

Donna asked me to make cupcakes for the party & they needed to be bright & like a kids party - so FUN FUN FUN!

So first I baked 5 batches of 24 cupcakes!

in multi coloured cupcake cased... pretty!

 When they had cooled, I added a soft vanilla buttercream filling to each and every one ... one at a time, all 100!

 Then it was time to add the tops ... 100 little round discs in lots of different colours... then I added a swirl in candy melts & topped it with a Dolly Mixture!

Fun was had by all!

 They were all laid out on the table so that I could mix and match the colour toppings & swirls!

 Pinks, oranges...

 Blues & yellow...

 Green and yellow...

 100s of them!

Now boxed & ready for the party tomorrow!



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